How To Do A Clean Brave Re-Install?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I uninstalled Brave using the fee version of RevoUninstaller and chose to have all browser data deleted, also using the full after scan option of the uninstaller deleting everything, I even used CCleaner’s registry cleanup. Then I downloaded Brave again from the website, and had it reinstalled.

  2. To my surprise my previous Brave was back again with all settings, bookmarks etc, including all my old passwords I had yesterday changed spending a few hours to do so after having done a Google Password Safety Check which detected lots of hacked ones via my main email address. I did so on Chrome.

  3. This can be probably be reproduced by doing what I described above: Uninstall Brave using RevoUninstaller’s full after scan, download Brave again from the website, and let it reinstall.

Expected result:
The result I expected was a Brave browser that I could make a clean start with without the old obsolete passwords.
(I hoped I could import my new changed passwords from Chrome, but checking that topic it seemed not possible (yet) according to a tread on that subject.)

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
Would have to be asked for it as I don’t know what else to report.

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