How to disconnect the uphold account from my Brave?

Well, I had to format my pc, so I installed brave and wanted to connect my uphold to it, but I can’t, because it says it reached the device limit. What do I do?

Bom, eu tive que formatar o meu pc, então, eu instalei o brave e queria conectar a minha uphold nele, mas não consigo, pois fala que atingiu o limite de dispositivos. O que eu faço?

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I was just about to ask the same thing, because I formatted my pc, and I can’t link my browser even using Uphold. I tried to unlink from the Uphold account, but it didn’t work.

And like I have no way to disconnect from the other “devices” because, literally, I only have 2 devices (1 pc and 1 smartphone), but it is counting every time I connected and I have no way to disconnect because I formatted my pc , then…

E tipo eu não tenho como desconectar dos outros “dispositivos” porque, literalmente, eu só tenho 2 dispositivos(1 pc e 1 smartphone), mas ele está contando cada vez que eu conectei e eu não tenho como desconectar porque eu formatei o meu pc, então…

@CreeperPC1 It counts every browser you’ve connected. So if you did factory reset/restore or had uninstalled, then it counted as a “new device.”

You’re actually at the end of this being a problem. Usually we’d tell you to do a Wallet Unlink request, but those can take over a month to process. It’s better to wait patiently as they are completely removing the device limit. You can track the status at and then scroll towards the bottom. It’s in testing now and should be released as soon as it passes all tests.

I’m making the assumption we’ll see it at the end of March, but no guarantee on that.

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