How to Disable Multimedia Controls in Upper Left Screen that Occur when pressing volume button

In Windows 10 , While watching or doing anything in the brave browser if I touch the keyboard volume buttons a big annoying unwanted banner pops up in the upper left corner with controls and messages I dont want. It blocks my current browsing, links and or videos or web pages Im looking at and takes forever to go away. I disabled the “rewards” and “sponsored images” thru the “switches” icon in lower left corner. I’ve looked dozens of times in settings, I’ve search this site and internet in general about this but just get told how to disable rewards. This is really annoying, annoying enough for me to stop using this. Please advise and please do not put such in your face, impossible to disable, unneeded things like this in a browser. I gave this a shot, do you want me to return to Firefox? Please advise. Thanks

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