How to disable last Tab at start


Everytime I start Brave it starts with the last tab. Is there a way to avoid this on the iPad?
I didn´t find anything in the settings. Or let me Close the last tab like Safari does.

Thanks MolloM :wink:


There is no option for clean start on iOS. One workaround would be to long press on tab count and clear all tabs when you start the application.


Additionally, if you use Private Browsing Only, tabs are not stored to disk, so they are destroyed when Apple removes the app from memory (this depends on how long the app has been closed, and what other resources the device requires).

Private Browsing will not keep a record of history though, so you would lose that capability if using Private Browsing Only.


Thank you that helps!


@MolloM Closing this thread for now. Do open a new thread if you face any other issues.