How to disable Coin/Token Message


Where is the setting do i turn of that prompt for supporting sites with coins/tokens? It’s poped up 3 times this week and i’m getting annoyed with it repeated asking me, when i’ve told it no.


Hi, You can disable it in advance settings. To disable notification you need to enable payments turn it off and then if you wish you can turn off the payments.

I hope that can answer your question.


It does but not nicly. I guess i will be going back to chrome.

I don’t want to use Brave Payments. So it’s kinda stupid that i have to turn the feature on i don’t want to use , to silence the notifications about the feature i don’t want to use.


Hi @pyromanci,

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll forward it to Brave team for consideration. :slight_smile:

Anyway, you still able to use Brave without enable Brave Payments. The notification is only a way to encourage user to to support publishers/content creators and their favorite sites. :slight_smile:


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