How to disable Ad counter?

Why is there no longer an option to remove this stup!d Ad counter thing in v1.38.113? Please tell me if there is any workaround to this.

And can anyone tell me how to go back from tab groups to large vertical style tabs(as shown in the second image)?

Edit: Also how to permanently disable most visited sites!! Why have they messed this up so bad!!!(Third image)

bro how did you change the new tab layout can you please tel me the steps

Just validating I’m seeing the same thing. I managed to get my favorites back by turning off the background image, but the privacy stats counter acts like an ad banner; it won’t turn off. It also appears that the feature that used to roll most visited to a new shortcut isn’t working either. I’m on Android 9. Brave 1.38.113

It is a bug, it will be removed eventually.

They removed the widget panels to replace them with tiles, but forgot to do something about the stats counter.

An issue is present on GitHub about it. Within few weeks it will be solved.

@Donkja The second image is from another browser (Kiwi browser)

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