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I’m looking for a way to delete cookies for a specific website in Brave. In Chrome it is easy to do. But in Brave I can’t find a way to delete cookies for a specific website. This is really annoying. Website settings --> all websites only stores information about adblocker settings per site (like certain sites were I allow ads or popups) but I cannot search for or delete cookies.


On Android it may be a bit different but for the desktop you can install and run the sqlite command shell and delete cookies from within it. Exit Brave, delete, start brave for best results.

.open / --your file location-- /.config/brave/Cookies
delete from cookies where host_key = “”;

I have a boot time script to clean out several aggravating session counter cookies that really makes Brave better.


@Brave_user you should go to Settings->Site Settings->Storage. Thanks.


Thanks but at Settings->Site Settings->Storage I cannot find cookies from a website I regularly visit. There are cookies because session counters get reset when I delete ALL cookies. But it’s of course not funny to have to delete all cookies just to get rid of a single one.

So it seems if a website only stored cookies but no other data there is currently no way in Brave on Android to delete that cookie. Since Chrome (and I guess Chromium) have this option it seems especially strange to me.


@Brave_user where did you find the option in Chrome(Chromium)? Probably it is some flag in that case.


@Serg I’ve got only the German version of Chrome in front of me, so the actual names of the settings might vary a little bit. But in Chrome I find it going to Options --> Website settings --> All websites. There I can search for a specific website and find the cookie data.

I can do the same in Brave but the results does not include cookie data.


Hm, I don’t see any visual differences there. So does Chrome delete the cookies and Brave don’t? We will have to look on sources if it is true. Thanks.


@Serg You are right, there are no visual differences. But in Chrome all website data is shown, including websites that have only stored a cookie. In Brave I see a lot less websites shown.

For instance I’m looking for cookies of a local newspaper website. They let you look at only 20 sites a month before you will hit a paywall. Deleting their cookie will reset the counter (yes, they have really implemented it like that).

In Chrome I go to settings --> Website settings --> all websites and type in the name of the newspaper in the search field. The results will show the newspaper website. I click the result and then I can delete the cookie. I’m set and done.

In Brave I do exactly the same but the newspaper website will not show up. it’s just not in the list of websites shown on that settings page. Actually there is no way ( none i could figure out anyway) to find data/cookies left behind by that newspaper website. So the only way for me to get rid of their cookies ist to delete all cookies. That’s something I rather don’t want to do.

So to summarize: It seems there is indeed a huge difference between Brave and Chrome when it comes to the settings --> website settings --> all websites dialog.


@Serg Just found something out. If I deactivate the Brave shield on a website, reload and “enjoy” the site with all the ads that are shown, and reactivate the shield the website will be shown at settings --> Website settings --> all websites. I can than delete the cookies there. So far the workaround seems to work for me.


@Brave_user, so it looks like it doesn’t appear for you there when shields are on. Strange, but I’m glad you found the workaround. Thanks.


@Serg Exactly. The workaround is fine. Nevertheless I think this behavior is not desired and should be addressed in future Brave releases.


@Brave_user could you please provide us the website?


@Serg Sure:


@Brave_user thanks, I submitted an issue for further investigation

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