How to delete cookies and data for specific website on browser-laptop


If I go to Settings -> Security -> Clear Browsing Data Now... I can clear the browsing data for all websites. Is there a way to do this for only a specific website or domain? Thanks!


Hi @hsribei,

It seems this feature is not yet implemented. There’s an open issue regarding this and I added your comment as +1. You can track it in the link below

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Yes, you can close Brave and open the database manually then select and delete the cookies you want from there.

open .config/brave/Cookies (the path may vary on your system)

delete from cookies where host_key = “website”


I’m glad this is in the pipeline. Just for clarity, it would be good to be able to remove all data from a specific website, including localStorage, caching, and whatnot, not only cookies.


Is this for Windows? I have no .config/brave/Cookies file/path.



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