How to delete autofill dropdown entry?

How to delete autofill dropdown entry while signing into a URL (Amazon, etc)? I have a lot of old logins I’d like to delete on a case by case basis (not delete all autofills or take a trip to preferences). NONE of the methods shown online (shift/delete or any other key combo work). This has been a problem on the Mac for a long time, a REAL solution would be GREAT!

Shift+Del is only for inputbox (which are mostly searches) autofills, it has nothing to do with Password’s autofill feature.

You have to use the Password Manager, that’s why is got that name, to manage the passwords, and therefore delete or edit or view any password you want.


I don’t understand why you got the idea you can just delete any password with a shortcut by being in their page or something, the only thing you can edit about passwords in a page is adding Notes if the feature is enabled, but nothing else; everything else is copy and view only.

When logging into a website (Amazon for example) there is a dropdown that will show any previous or alternate logins one has previously used on that site. If you hve several and some are no longer used you can delete them or t least you could in other browsers in the past. That’s where I got the “idea”…There are plenty of how to video’s on YouTube showing just this WITHOUT going to the manager which I am fully aware of.

Do you mean multiple account support? like this google one?

If that’s the one, then it is a website feature, and it is managed by the storages, cookies, localstorage and all that, it has nothing to do with the browser per say, so if the page doesn’t have a feature to remove other accounts, then you have to force it, and that’s only achieved through clearing the browsers data.

There are 800 ways of doing it in Brave, recently they even added a way to see the data inside the settings page, it was removed by Chromium team but for example you go to brave://settings/cookies/detail? and you should see the data.
Note that ONLY cookies display individually, so you might be able to see the one that manages the different accounts and clear it.

There are many other features to clear data for a page, Forgetful Browsing, which should land on Stable next update is the new one, or the Sites that clear cookies when you close them or Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows in brave://settings/cookies, for the all windows one, you can add exceptions by adding domains to the Sites that can always use cookies list.

But what you are talking about is about a page feature and not a browser thing, Browser just reads the data and displays it as such.

Here’s what I’m referring to:

That said I appreciate your post & it is very informative just not specific to what I’m attempting. This DOES work in Firefox but I use brave 99% of the time these days.
Thanks Again

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