How to debug brave browser wiht Visual Studio?

After I run npm run build -- Debug, I didn’t see any .sln or .vcproj files like when I compile Chromium with gn’s property “–ide=vs”.
So I’d like to know how to open project in Visual Studio so after that I can debug brave browser happily!

I know nothing about this subject. Just responding to bump because I am curious!

Can you please post your Brave and OS versions? It may help. You can find this information at brave://version. Also, please post (screenshot may help) any errors you may be receiving.

I did do a search (community & web) and found the below links. Do any help at all? Please pardon if the information posted is way off topic and/or way too basic. Haven’t a clue what I am looking at just shooting in the dark. :slight_smile:

Older Community Topic: Attach Debugger from Visual Studio Code

Please post an update. Take care. :slight_smile: