How to contact technical support?

Hello! How to contact technical support so they will answer you ? I wrote more than two weeks ago to tech support ( a letter about my account, but it was not even read. Prompt real ways of communication with technical support. Like would to know have users whom any technical support respond? If so, after what time.

Hi @WhiteWolf072,

Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions. The team will address your ticket in the order they were received and will get in touch with you after your account be reviewed.

Apologize for the inconveniences. Thanks.

That is, if the technical support does not respond in a month or even 2 it will be considered the norm ?

Same here, email send over 2 weeks ago - even @Asad repliyed me That he will review my account. Nothing happened - my money dissapered now I can Not even log in to my account. I am worried That I Got scamed

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Account appeals take time. This is all completely normal, Iā€™m afraid. We are a small team and we will get to your tickets in the order they were received.

On YouTube the channel is waiting for. I wanted to record a video about how to withdraw funds, but it is a pity that the account was frozen. Referral link during account verification works or not ? I need to know whether or not to attract people.

No one knows the referral system works if an account is pending?

As I understand it, accounts that are suspended or pending suspension will not receive referral payouts, although the stats will reflect the number of downloads/installs/confirmations accurately.

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