How to consult history cache on samsung mobile

Hi, can someone tell me how I can access Brave’s cache? I would like to view a specific page as it appeared on a certain past date when I accessed it. Currently, the web page has changed, and that’s why I need to check how it looked a few days ago. How can I do that? Thank you.

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Not sure how that can be done. @anon57438784 is this possible ?

You can use wayback machine or Google cache from to see previous websites, sometimes they get archived and you can take advantage of it, so it is matter of luck.

You can try this and see what it says (just an easy way to access both sites)

There is no cache for pages, only elements in the page, so if you loaded a page, it will just update and cache will just mean it will fetch stuff from the device and not the internet, which would be faster and better for servers, not having to download every time all the time.

I misunderstood the “cache” part in your post, but now I get it, only something like wayback machine can do what you want, or google cache, or something.

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Thank you, unfortunately Wayback Machine didn’t save the page. I’m convinced I bought a suitcase for €36, which now costs €57 instead. The seller sent me a backpack worth €36 that I don’t need. I wanted to verify if I had indeed seen correctly that the suitcase was priced at €36, or if I had a hallucination and mistakenly purchased the backpack. I believe the seller realized a pricing mistake and sent me a different product. Thank you.

Yeah, if it is not a popular website, it might not be saved.

Maybe you got distracted and saw something that wasn’t there, because it is weird it now shows a different price and sent you a different article.

But when you bought, shouldn’t you have gotten like a confirmation of your purchase or something? which should contain the ID of the product or the name of the product? I mean, prices change, and what matters is what you paid for.
Obviously if it has the ID of the backpack, you were mistaken, and if you bought the correct product, it should say it even if now it says a different price.
If it is their fault the price was wrong, then, it is not your fault, they can’t just change you a product because they or the webpage or whatever had the wrong price when you bought it and just sent you another thing without notifying you.
Not even delivery food lets you do that, if someone wants a product that doesn’t exist in the store, the seller has to ask the user “do you want a replacement or not”.

At least you can ask for a refund and return it and all that… I guess.

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Thank you Emi.
The confirmation says that I bought the backpack, then probably I didn’t notice what I was buying.
I will request a return and buy the correct product. Thanks again

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