How to connect Brave Wallet to Etherscan?

I’m trying to operate on an etherscan contract (this one:, and I go to the “Contract” tab, click “Write Contract”, but when selecting “Connect to Web3” it only offers MetaMask or wallets that are compatible with WalletConnect.

I’m not too sure how to use WalletConnect, but Metamask doesn’t work for Brave Wallet. Does anyone know how I can operate on the Etherscan contract with Brave?

(I also tried exporting my Brave seed and importing it into Metamask but I got a different Ethereum account/address. The seeds seem to use a different format)

Any help greatly appreciated :pray:

Not sure if this is the best solution, but I was able to figure out how to import my Brave Wallet into Metamask via exporting the private key (NOT the mnemonic). See this question on the stackexchange if you’re trying to do something similar:

From there, I just used Metamask to connect to Etherscan

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I just tried to connect by going to the “Contract” tab and then clicking “Write Contract” and selecting “Connect to Web3”.

You have to use the MetaMask option which is compatible with Brave Wallet.

It connected no problem successfully with the new Brave Wallet.

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