How to claim my august rewards?

Hi I have been using brave, brave beta and brave nightly for about a month on windows 10 and i have unverified wallets. Yesterday I was supposed to redeem my rewards for August, but I can’t find any button to do so and the date changed from September 8 to October 8 and now I have new ones pending rewards (September I suppose). How should I proceed to get those of August? Is it just a matter of time or have I lost them forever?

N.B. On my android phone I have already received them correctly

i have the same problem!!! we want an answer!!!

@steeven @Mattches May I ask you what is the procedure in these cases? Thanks for your help

How many unverified wallets do you have and of those, how many were you able to claim?

i have 1 unverified wallet for brave stable, 1 unverified wallet for brave nighlty, 1 unverified wallet for brave beta and 1 unverified wallet for brave on android. I am able to claim only the one on android

Can you please send me a DM with the wallet payment IDs from your desktop devices?

Where can i find the wallet payment IDs?

brave://rewards-internals/ I also send you a DM Mattches !

Thanks @florins.
I sent you a DM @Mattches

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