How to claim BATs when failing Safety Net Test?

Hi, I recently brought a second-hand tablet for online classes. I thought while taking online classes I’ll earn some BATs so installed brave. After a month I realized I couldn’t claim my BAT earnings and further research concluded that it is because my device is failing some safety net test.

So my question is how do I claim my earnings when the safety net test is failing? if it is not possible then how should I fix the safety net test failing issue and pass the test?

My tablet is running in the official OS it came with it. It is not rooted either. There aren’t any harmful apps also. So what is the reason?

Tablet Brand: IZOTRON
Running OS: Android 5
Rooted: NO
Custom ROM: NO

Please help!

If your device fails SafetyNet check you are unable to claim rewards per post below. It is an older post, but I think it still applies.

Below is a link to a topic that gives some workaround suggestions you might try.

@Chocoholic Thank you but I still didn’t find any solution of fixing this.
@Saoiray Could you please help

@AanuMaanuKaanu You’d have to look at WHY it’s failing the SafetyNet. Without knowing what is causing it to fail, there’s no way of being able to know what you need to do. As to your original question, the answer is you can’t. If your Android can’t pass SafetyNet, then you can’t claim.

I do know Google no longer supports Android 5.0 Lollipop, at least for their security patches. So if you’re using Android 5, you wouldn’t be able to have the newest. In addition, I know many developers have stopped providing support to Android 5 because it’s too much of a hassle and not many are using it.

What I can’t say is where Brave stands in terms of their support for Android 5 or anything. I guess one question to ask is what version of Brave you are using on the device?


The safety net check app only tells “basic integrity failed” and “CTC profile match fail”. I don’t know what are they and how to fix them. Resetting the device didn’t help.

Even if I connect my wallet with Uphold or Gemini?

I am using the latest version available on the play store of Brave.

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