How to check Monthly Earned BAT coins?

Hey there,
I’m curious to know a log/statement of my monthly earned BAT rewards, is there any way to get to know that?

On Windows Brave Browser it shows Current Month earnings on brave://rewards/ which is only providing information about current month but what about earlier periods? On that you can suggest me to watch my linked Crypto Wallets (Uphold/Gemini etc) but I want to know my monthly earning statements to be provided by Brave itself, not what is credited to my Crypto Wallets.

As of Android, one of my friend also have the same problem. He can not link/create Uphold account due to minimum 15 BAT restriction, so how can we know our monthly earned BAT coins in Brave Browser (both platform - Windows and Android)?

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Maybe brave://rewards-internals will help.

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The page you are referring to isn’t providing the details I’m seeking. I want to see my monthly earned BAT coins which isn’t available there.
Any further help will be appreciated.

I thought that the logs could give you a hint, since they record everything related to the brave rewards. Maybe a staff member could help you.

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Thank you for replying @DARKOSU , but I’m seeking something like this (see attached Screenshot) but these details are just empty. This page is in Brave Browser on Windows platform but can’t find this in Android platform. If you get to know anything regarding my issue please enlighten me too.

Go to the rewards settings in your Android device and click on the “your wallet” box. You should see the rewards from previous months.

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As I said earlier there is no way of getting previous month records on Android (Proof attached). It is only showing last month, not all other pervious months.

Also it is showing missing rewards for the month of December. I think that means my wallet balance is 4.500 BAT without the earnings of December month (0.750 BAT).

That’s why I’m trying to find the monthly statements of my rewards.

I’m sorry, I can´t help you then. I downloaded the Android version very recently.

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hahahaha… no problem dear. :slightly_smiling_face: If you find anything please let me now. Till then I’m waiting for any staff member to solve my problem. :+1:

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for unverified account (not linked to external wallets) applicable to PC only:

go to: brave://rewards/ —> View Statement
it will not be empty and shows record of past months.


or for unverified account (not linked to external wallets) applicable to android and PC:
go to: brave://rewards-internals/ —> Promotions Tab
and all claims you made will show there, just look for the right date though.

example, here’s mine matching the first example above (PC):

from my phone (more records below not shown):

Unfortunately, for verified/linked accounts, the records only show on the external wallet side. Maybe, devs will allow us to see those maybe not… cross fingers.

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Thank you so much for showing me how to check for the reward history and also to clarify how linked, unlinked, verified and unverified users can use such information. :+1:

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@CupiDroiD, @DARKOSU is right, the thing is that you have to know what you are looking for

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Yes of course, thank you @DARKOSU @JohnDproof :+1:

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