How to check if brave wallet is flagged?

I have a brave browser installed in my android device in which i had ads coming for a while and then stopped, the same happened to a browser on my desktop .
they are on the latest update and all seems fine in the brave ads internals .
But i do not receive a single ad on these browsers any more nether am i paid for the sponsored image on every 4th tab.
How can i check if they are flagged?
and how to resolve the issue?
@steeven @eljuno @Mattches @Aa-ron

also can verified wallets also be flagged ?
can u explain some reasons why do wallets get flagged in general ?
I did nothing wrong but still somethings wrong

That’s happening to most of us, you’re not the only one, so I don’t think they “flagged” your wallet, otherwise everybody else’s wallets would be flagged too.

but the ads are coming to some of my browsers and not in others, dont know why the difference

That happens to us too. Sometimes, they’re random.

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