How to change linked Uphold account in Brave Rewards?

Hello how are you? Let me explain, I had linked an Uphold account (I had 2) but I had to close that account and now I only have 1 account left, I want to link my Brave account to the only Uphold account I currently have and it won’t let me because it already It had been linked to the previous one that is currently closed. How can I unlink the previous account that no longer exists and link the one I currently use? or if someone can tell me how to contact support directly so that they can solve it, I will be more than grateful!

@Gwolf666 In order to change, you have to Reset your Rewards. So go to RewardsReset. This will reset Rewards to be as if it’s a new browser. In other words, any BAT not already paid out to Uphold will be lost.

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