How to change installation directory



Windows 7 and the latest stable Brave release:

  1. Setup should not install without any feedback from the user. I was quite surprised that after starting setup.exe Brave installed itself right away.

  2. I know how to change the user directory ( Is there any way to change to installation directory?

PS: I was only able to find a solution here: (look for the best answer in that thread). Basically you have to use links (junctions in Windows). But I cannot really believe that there is no way to edit the installation path of Brave. So hopefully somebody will point out the right way to do it.


Hi @Brave_user,

That’s expected behavior for the current Brave. I’m not sure if you can change the location manually, but there’s an issue logged to give user ability to select installation location here



Thanks for your reply. Until today I have used Brave only on Android devices where by OS design the user cannot choose the installation path (though you can move parts of the installation to an SD card if the devs allow it). So I was quite surprised by the very unexpected behavior of Brave on Windows.

I acknowledge this is the default behavior. However in my opinion it is just bad (very, very bad) coding if the user cannot freely choose the installation path. I can only guess this is some deeper Chromium (which Brave is a fork of) issue. Am I right?

But thanks for the quick and to the point answer to my question. :+1:t2:

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