How to change formatting of data detector links in iOS

Description of the issue

Visit and observe the text in the “Wānanga-Ipurangi Online” (red) section.

Observe that in Brave the dates become red hyperlinks to create calendar events — which has the unfortunate side effect of rendering them invisible against the red background.

Curiously, in Safari and Chrome, it seems that the dates aren’t getting converted into links at all, which causes them to appear as white text.




Brave Version

1.33 (

Mobile Device details

iPhone 8s running iOS 15.1


I’m not sure that this is a bug per se in Brave, as I would presume that the browser actually should be utilising data detectors unless explicitly told not to in the page markup — so if anything it seems to me that Safari and Chrome are doing the wrong thing in this case 🤷

However, the default formatting of these links is unfortunate. I’ve suggested to the team maintaining the website that they use CSS to force these links to inherit from the site stylesheet, and I’m wondering if this is the correct way to go about it, or if there is a better solution?

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First, you obviously know a lot about the topic and probably how to fix the issue.

I am just trying to keep your report going (instead of expiring).

Here are a couple [more] screenshots, to help illustrate the problem:

The first screenshot, is from Brave for Mac OS, in order to also use the Developer Tools and reveal some source code:

The second screenshot, is using an iPhone 8, to demonstrate how the date specific info disappears in the sea of red:

but a slight, brief touch of finger tip on the date specific area, does cause a pop-up to display - re calendar/reminder selections.

BTW, if you keep your finger on the iPhone display - there - an x-apple-data-detectors://43 event occurs, producing 2 pop-up windows . . . that you can close by touching anywhere than those windows . . . and then, suddenly in GOLD coloring, you can see the date info.

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