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Hi all,

Just started using Brave and really liking it. Have a question:

I have Google as my homepage and this opens on every new tab. But the focus is the Google URL in the address bar.

Can this be changed to focus on the Google Search Bar? So I don’t have to click on the Google Search Bar to enter my search details.


I’m sorry for my ignorance, but isn’t both having the same result → it’ll take you to Google search results?

So focus is “doesn’t matter”? As you can perform and get the same result from address bar too.

I think you are missing the point.

You open a new tab that is set to go to your homepage. Your homepage is Google. You open a new tab and the focus is on the Google URL ( in my case). To do a new search you must click on the Google Search Bar and type in your search.

Chrome for example does what I want.

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Yes, I know what you mean @gregeeh :blush:

But you also can start typing in address bar (or omnibox as Google call it) too to perform a search. As that’s the functionality of address bar too. And it’ll take you to your default search engine.

So I think having Google set as new tab and focus on search box (1st screenshot) is redundant.

Thanks for the link @Rethanis :+1:

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Thanks for the link, it’s appreciated.

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