How to change brave reward country and keep my BAT

Thank you for your reply.

I chose another country just by curiosity, to see if I have different ads, etc.
I really don’t understand why it’s a problem and why we can’t change it.

Brave should at least warn users when they select a country…
If Brave doesn’t want users to change their country freely, they could allow users to change it at least 1 or 2 times per year. User localisation can change during a year.

That can be considered “fraud” :frowning:
Country is not something that changes that often. You live in a country for most of your life. How many times do you change your country in your lifetime?

They did. There was enough information in this community since this feature was introduced in the nightly build.

Well there is an option for you so that you don’t have to lose bats, without breaking any t&c of Brave . Let me know if you want.

They did. There was enough information in this community since this feature was introduced in the nightly build.

Sorry this is not true. When the country options came up they were pretty much out of the blue although there were lots of posts about preventing fraud, etc. It was not until we messed up 6 out of 8 devices in the household that we discovered we should have chose the country associated with my Uphold ID and not the country we’re currently living in. Brave should be the one resetting and re-rolling this out so that the country pop up tells you to choose the country associated with your ID. And lord knows what’s happened to my creator account because there isn’t even a region setting on that but now I am connected but showing as unverified and nobody is able to tip me any more - it all happened around the same time.

@Sanskar for you to say it that way rather than share it makes it sound like a violation or is inaccurate info. I know someone made a touring video they shared here as if it was a workaround but it wasn’t. They were causing you to lose BAT anyway and just made you take additional steps to arrive at the same scenario.

Which is one of the issues Brave has been having. Part of the Terms says you’re not going to do stuff like that. Don’t forget that businesses are paying to have their ads displayed ONLY to people in certain regions and devices. Faking your information is stealing from them. Not only that though, each country has different laws regarding advertising. Some advertisements that are okay in United States may not be okay in other countries, and vice versa.

The reason why Brave decided to do what they’re doing is because they KNEW people were going to try to game the system, as always. Instead of using as intended, people would be trying to claim they’re in countries they aren’t. The consequence of this is you lost your BAT, which most likely was all earned through deceit anyways.

Up til now people had been learning they could change their IP address and Locale to fake their location. So even if they were in a country with little ads, they’d then pretend to be in Australia, United States, or wherever that has higher earnings. Then they were having it sent to their real Uphold or using tipping schemes (I’ll tip you, then you send a percentage to me, so we both profit) to circumvent restrictions.

It’s because people were and are committing this fraud that Brave has had to step up and make changes like you’re seeing. Including the idea that nobody will be able to earn BAT anymore unless you are verified. It’s ridiculous and shouldn’t have to be done, but when you have people come out en masse to try to take advantage of something, what are you going to do? Businesses can’t stay operational if they don’t do something to prevent theft & fraud.

Yes, it was. It took a few days to get some clarification and announcements on it. And yes, you’re definitely in a unique situation. I don’t think the average person is going to experience a dilemma like yours and they ended up doing like OP mentioned, intentionally choosing a country they aren’t living in because they want to take advantage of the system to see more ads and earn BAT.

To be fair, it says choose your country.

New Tab - Brave 12_18_2022 13_30_38

It doesn’t say, “select where you work” or “select where you’re vacationing.” Instead, said to pick your country so they can show you the right ads and everything. It also says by processing proceeding, you read the privacy policy and terms of service.

If you go to Terms of Service:

So what’s interesting there is it’s saying you will have a third party wallet through Uphold and you agree to Uphold’s Term’s, which we know would be KYC/AML.

Then things like the above show that you have to choose your actual region. So it’s a “you must view ads intended for your region. You must abide by Uphold policies, which we know requires KYC/AML. So this means you must verify for your region and only can view ads for that region.”

Sure, they could dumb it down and put it there explicitly, but it’s at least there in legalese. And people like OP would have been shown to be blatantly violating the Terms by attempting to view ads not intended for their region. And it’s violation of Terms there where there’s essentially little to no remorse.

Not going at you @Thrive, just speaking on a generality. You are right that you’d think Brave might have other methods for rarer situations like yours. Yet I suppose part of the thought is if people were existing Users, they’d have been linked already and have little to no BAT in the browser to lose. And if they are a new User, same philosophy. So someone with large amounts of BAT on one or more browsers where they selected the wrong country, would be highly unlikely in all intents and purposes.

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Thanks Saoiray, I know you’re not having a go but my situation is not that unique, large expat communities exist all around the world not to mention nations with digital nomad offerings. I know I’m not the only one using Brave or confused by the meaning of ‘Choose Your Country’ when in our situation. Because Brave advertises to specific regions and the talk in the forums was about fraud, we actually discussed it here before selecting our current location assuming that if we did otherwise Brave would detect it (based on IP) and block us. Would never have thought to use the country associated with custodian ID.

With Uphold you have the ability to change your ID if you move to a different country. Brave users who do this would end up with a region mismatch and would have to reset their Brave profiles.

Finally, something worth thinking about - the users in the forums/community are likely a minute percentage of the overall user base. I can only imagine the frustration of all the users out there who have no clue what is going on with their favourite Browser.


So joining the discussion.
I can’t chose the country I live in because I don’t have the ID from that country (EU citizen living in UK). And choosing my home country is against the TOS? :slight_smile: Then again I’m not exactly interested in ads targeting my home country even more if it’s a local company that will just waste money on mistargeted ad.

Have been verified for like 1-2 years and recently have stopped getting rewards because of country mismatch.

Not sure I’d say it that way. But if I’m from United States and then go to live in Australia, I need to update my information to show I’m in Australia.

That’s kind of the point. Like using the example prior of USA living in Australia:

Choosing United States when I’m not there is wrong, because I’m no longer in United States. It’s not like I’ll be going to stores in USA while I’m in Australia, right? So why would they want to pay to show me an ad for United States?

We’re not talking about just short visits. We’re talking about people working and living in places. At that point, nobody cares where you’re from. What they care about is your residence, which is where taxation and government policy is going to matter.

Keep in mind, other aspect is maybe country you’re in has laws about advertising. I can’t remember examples that were given before, but certain topics can’t be advertised in various countries and all. So Brave has to put in the effort to make sure they are complying.

Well I do live in UK permanently but I don’t have any ID issued by UK.

Maybe “home country” wasn’t exactly the correct term.

You could if you wanted though. Just up to you when/if you want to get one. All depends on how long you’ve been there and all too. But the BRP (biometric resident permit) can be obtained after 6 months.

But yeah, when it comes to Driver’s License, I know you don’t have to according to how government is set up there. EU and UK are oddballs compared to many countries, at least with each other. Otherwise it’s kind of like you see at the bottom of the screenshot, that usually need to get license within a year.

That said, you could get a license there if you wanted.

What I think is difficult is each place is operating in different countries and they have to try to balance things as best they can. instead of having to make tons of tweaks for each country, they are trying to set up policies as best they can that covers most countries in general. If they went very specific, I imagine it would be one heck of a headache.

Nope that doesn’t work anymore, and I don’t have a driving license as I never needed one.
So now either I have to move out of the country or get UK driving license. Seems really reasonable.

@Krzyk Hmm? Deciding to cherry pick? Didn’t read what’s right below on that same page?

Can read more on BRP at

Not cherrypicking tho

As far as I know EU nationals dont get BRC/BRP but prove their right to live and work by using online portal

Honestly, it’s a pain in the butt. All depends on where you fall. For example, you had the EUSS to allow you to apply for immigration status after Brexit, up til June 2021. If you did that, then you would have had the BRC you mentioned earlier. Then, it would be as you mentioned:

Europeans have not had to attend biometric enrolment appointments in order to complete their EUSS applications. Rather, they have been able to upload their photograph and scan their European passport or national identity card on the EU Exit: ID Document Check smart phone app.

Europeans are not then issued with a Biometric Residence Card, and are not able to apply for one. Instead, they can ‘View and Prove’ their immigration status online. To log in to View and Prove, there is a three-step process:

But again,. that’s BRC and not the BRP, lol.

Guess I’d just check in your area. Also can make sure to contact Uphold directly to ask what they accept. I mean, if you have digital thing from government to prove, I’m not sure if they’d accept it.

As I said, it’s a nightmare as you have to go through and figure out regulations and all. Imagine having to figure this stuff out for every country and state, then put measures in to prevent fraud and all.

Come on, producing an ID card of the country you are temporarily living in only in order to view and get Brave rewards???

I believe you understand it yourself that your rules and terms are complete mess and clearly raw.

Why don’t you just clearly indicate on the Country Selection window that the wrong indication of the country would lead to a loss of all BAT rewards?! If it is that strict, then people should be aware of such condition straight from the beginning. Nobody (absolute majority) of people does not read your TOS or forums to get aware of threats connected with wrong selection of the country. Nobody understands or knows your (your company’s) personal relationship with advertisers and unaware what you are getting paid for by them, that is not, in fact, an obligation of the user. The users with wrong selection of the country do not, in fact, steal anything from your advertiser, that’s a lie. Advertiser is not paying directly to user for the user’s clicks/views on his adds. The brave is just sharing his own crypto currency for viewing the paid adds by advertiser and if the add was properly viewed by the user, then how it can be a fraud in principle?! The work has been done by the user.

Please note that absolute majority of the websites allow for users to chose the countries they do wish to chose without any restrictions or penalties for users applied, this kind of freedom to chose the location is a standard service. How the user in case of Brave should know in advance that if he chooses the wrong country, then the penalties will follow, if you do not indicate any such strict condition on the country selection page?! It is rather Brave is dealing with fraud as you are obviously lying and leaving the important information undisclosed, than the users, because you are gathering the free clicks / views from the users leaving them unrewarded for their job with a reason that the users were using the wrong country, then using this clicks / views statistics in negotiations with advertisers in order to show them how “wonderful” the things are to get a better price for advertising in the Brave system.

Now, Windows OS itself comes with settled location, timing and s.o. to United States by default. Many people leave those setting unchanged, maybe timing excluded, and are showing their location as United States as their Windows OS is already showing the same… You cannot judge the people if they don’t know or have low IT skills / experience.

Considering high level of claims, problems and complaints on the quality of services of the Brave, then it clearly indicates that the problem is really on the side of Brave, i.e. connected with the poor quality of service and product of Brave, and not on the side of the users!!!

Due to above-mentioned, please clearly advise what users, whom you deprived from their earned BATs with a reason that they showed the wrong country, because it was, in fact, allowed by Brave to chose one, should do now to restore their accounts and, most importantly, to get their Brave wallets verified by Uphold.

Nope, nobody said that. You choose your country. If you’re only somewhere temporarily, then that’s not “your country” where you’re a citizen, right? They aren’t asking where you’re temporarily living or vacationing.

It’s why I try to create FAQ and also here to help as much as I can to clarify things for people.

Just want to be very clear here, in case it’s being mixed. I’d rephrase that to “their” or “Brave’s.” I’m just a regular person like you, a User. I don’t work for Brave and don’t really have any input over how things are done. As I’m seeing you reply to me and using “your,” not sure if was really directed toward me at all or if just was general feedback for Brave. I just wanted to clear up any misunderstandings.

Not sure which websites you’re referencing. But I will say to keep in mind that crypto laws are more of a pain in the butt compared to others. This is especially true when it comes to making payments as Brave is. This falls under Patriot Act and a lot of other things here in the United States, to which Brave has to comply. The penalties for not taking proper steps can result in heavy consequences. If you haven’t seen my new FAQ yet, you may want to check out the KYC/AML section of it at PSA: Current FAQ - #27 by Saoiray

Because ads are targeted by region and device type. So if the advertiser is paying to have the ad shown to someone in France but you now live in England, then you’re not going to see the proper ads. Of course, the bigger issue is that they can’t really tell if you’re just spoofing the location with a VPN or if you truly have moved. This is the first step in Brave trying to diminish that issue, with other changes coming which should ease things for everyone. There’s just going to be this inconvenience for a bit until then. (not sure how many months til changes, but assuming by July)

Not sure how much of an argument this is. Everyone has to check a box saying they read the TOS. If they failed to, then they lied. If brought to court, the User would be on the losing side of things. I’m not saying this to be an ass or anything. Only making a point.

  1. Brave doesn’t pay for clicks. And when it comes to Users clicking, Brave asks that people dont’ click unless they truly are interested in the ad and want to learn more.

  2. System voids out any view/clicks that aren’t for correct region. It’s part of the reason why Brave can and has flagged accounts for this behavior. Brave only gets paid when we get paid. So if we can’t get paid for an ad, neither can Brave. Hence why they are trying to iron out the system to prevent people from viewing ads they shouldn’t be able to view. (Though change is mainly about KYC/AML and not viewing ads)

Despite what you might think or feel based on my above replies, I agree with what you’re saying at the heart of the matter. Obviously I do debate some of the particular statements, I get what you’re trying to say and agree things can be communicated better. This is something that’s been requested of Brave and they are working on. The company has less than 200 people working on everything. For Support, it’s about 4-7. More people should be hired and active, updating resources and getting things out there. They did just get three more people to help, which is Jarc, Alice, and Kevin. So small strides being made. But a LOT of room for growth.


Also want to let you know that in terms of changing countries and all, that’s already been discussed as well.

To paraphrase from someone I’ve spoken with at Brave:

Yes additional granularity (looking at not just passport document country but residence, etc.) are goals. It’s just a matter of time / finite resources. But it’s definitely something Brave would like to see and has been communicated to the relevant people at Brave when going over goals.

So as I hinted in above post, it’s being worked on.

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