How to change Binance widget currency to €?

Hello, how to change Binance widget currency to € ?
If not yet possible, when ?

Thanks in advance

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if you are using uphold new then go to more preferences and then prefered currency.

Hello, thanks for the answer, just did it, but currency in Uphold was already in € and it doesn’t change the currency in the Binance Widget on the Brave dashboard. Any other idea to solve that ?

if you are talking about uphold dashboard in old uphold click on your name in the same page click settings preferences and change.

Hello, I’m talking about Brave dashboard, not Uphold. Any other idea of to do it ?

it does not have pound i think you can change it to euro …

Ok, thanks for the answer, how do I change it to EUR ?


Hello, thank you but this is in the “buy” section. Even when I try to change it in this Buy section, in the main section showing my cryptos values are still in . Any other idea of how to change from to € on main binance panel please ?

actually i dont use binance so dont know much sorry… :slight_smile:

I’d also love to see this, although in my case GBP would be good - not everyone is US-based… :wink:

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