How to cast from Android smart phone using Chromecast

I have a Google TV dongle (Chromecast HD) connected to my TV. Casting YouTube videos from Windows laptop works fine. Now I installed Brave also to my Android Phone (Galaxy XCover 5). I can not figure out how to cast. Can not find anything related to cast. Any ideas?
Regards, Escom

There’s no option through the browser necessarily. Some websites or apps will have the capability, but overall you’re just going to need to use Google Home app and cast your device from there. From then, it will mirror your phone and you can see open tabs and all there.

Ok, thanks! I have Brave in my Windows laptop and Chromecasting works fine. So I thought that it would work also in Brave browser for Android smart phone. Since this feature is available in Windows browser, I just wonder why is not also in Android browser.

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