How to block unwanted emails using on Brave browser

Firstly; this is my 1st time using Brave web browser, so, it’s a learning curve!!

Although, having said that, it appears to be using Chrome’s architecture, nevertheless, I am unable to find the procedure to ‘block curtain emails’ which, has already been completed, upon, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Tor and Vivaldi.

Any, advice??

Hi @Baselbrush!
So forgive me but I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking here. Are you saying that [1] you have an email address, and you’d like to block certain email addresses from reaching you there? Or do you want to [2] block incoming emails from addresses using the “” domain?

Generally filters like this are done in the email client itself, not the web browser. Would you mind elaborating on how/what you are trying to have Brave do to help with this?

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It is the former in your question that I was referring to, unfortunately, since AOL decided close their site and refer all to use Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc

it has been a little difficult to deal with blocking an email(s) you wish not to receive.

Having used AOL upon their browser for over 20 years, it, was so simple, just a right click and one of the options was ‘Block Email’ done!!

I just want to know the procedure to do the same, in Brave.


@Baselbrush, I’m sure we can get this sorted out!
First, would you mind telling me what email client you use (gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc)?

Predominantly, I use Opera, followed by Vivaldi, Tor, now Brave, Chrome and Firefox [the latter(s) I use for research etc]

Opera, I prefer, because it’s fast and has simple facility, such as, VPN [one click] and Ad-Blocking etc.

Whilst, most browser providers are using Chrome as their infrastructure including Edge, all, do not have the same directive to Block Unwanted Emails and, this, is where I am seeking help to ensure, I, have that/those email addresses block , if, I am using any of the above for mail.

I hope this helps.


My apologies, but I’m still not exactly sure what it is you want Brave to do. Here is my understanding of what you want to accomplish, and what you may need to do to achieve that:

Your Goal - You’d like to stop receiving emails that have an “” domain name ( so anything from an address like “[SomeEmail]”), or at least filter these messages directly into your spam/trash folder.

Browser vs Email - In your previous post, you mentioned several browsers you use:

However, your email account/client is (generally) not attached to your browser unless you’re using some sort of extension/add-on (Brave does not currently support such an extension). AOL used to be this way - an integrated browser and email client - but none of the browsers your cited operate in this way. When a message is sent to your email it is received by the client directly - that is, it doesn’t travel through or interact with your browsers in any way before its received (again, barring any extensions or use of additional tools). So there is no way for Brave to block/filter incoming emails - which means the settings you’re looking for are not in Brave but rather in your specific email client.

Try this: Since we’re already here, I’d like to help you solve this issue - related to Brave or not. If you’d like, you can provide me with the email client you use (specifically looking for the domain name/what comes after the “@” symbol) but for now, I’ll use gmail as an example since its so common. Here are some useful links on how to filter/block messages from different domains/email address in a gmail account:

Block or Unsubscribe from emails
Mark or unmark emails as spam
Create rules to filter your emails

If you don’t use gmail and you’d like help with your mail client (or any Brave questions/comments!), feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to assist you. I hope this helps!

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