How to block f**king Google consent popup?

Can it be done in Brave? In Firefox, if I block following cookies:

and it blocks the damn thing and not even asks me about it. Tried the same in Brave and I still get dreaded consent popup ALL THE TIME and it’s driving me crazy.

I used the word in title because saying something is $tupid isn’t allowed. Who designed this absurd forum policy!?!?!?!?

Add under Sites that can never use cookies over here - brave://settings/cookies.

Then you’ll need some custom filters, I use them with uBlock Origin since Brave seems to use a different syntax, which I’m not familiar with. (@fanboynz )*##^script:has-text(consentCookiePayload)*##+js(acis, document.cookie, YES+)
google.*##+js(aeld, DOMContentLoaded, CONSENT)

Regarding YouTube, it stopped using, you’ll have to use a custom filter to get rid of the consent window, but note that it might have side effects.

Add the following custom filter under Custom Filters over here - brave://adblock:, tp-yt-iron-overlay-backdrop, ytd-consent-bump-renderer, ytd-mealbar-promo-renderer

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Using a curse word isn’t allowed on most Support Sites so chill out.

Not yet supported in Brave unfortantly.

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OP’s issue is the same as, forgot to mention it in my previous comment.

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Great, so the entire point of not using an extra adblocking extension is now entirely gone because I’ll have to use AdGuard separately anyway because it seems AdGuard is blocking the Youtube consent thing somehow and Brave Shield isn’t even though I’ve enabled bunch of annoyances filters. Ugh. Back to Firefox yet again I guess since I don’t gain anything from using Brave here.

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Default Firefox can’t combat this either, in the same way Default Brave can’t currently.

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Yeah, but Firefox doesn’t have adblocking apart from trackers that use ads and you’re forced to use adblock anyways. In Brave, one of benefits is that adblock is already built in and saves me the need to use an adblock, except I have to anyway, because it doesn’t block bunch of annoying stuff.

It’s also $tupid on Google’s part for disabling functionality by blocking this cookie. What made them think this is a good idea? I’m not gonna give them consent, instead they bug me for it non stop as a result and since Youtube holds absolute monopoly I can’t ditch it even if I ditched Google entirely otherwise. Ugh.

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