How to block certain element but still allow other scripts?



i. Windows 7 x64
ii. Brave 0.18.23

I want to allow all scripts on a website, but I want to block certain DIV element.

  1. So on the shield setting, I disabled “Block Scripts”
  2. Then I created custom adblock filter

But the website still displays the DIV element. I’m sure the filter syntax is correct, because I use it on Chrome using uBlock origin.

Can anyone help me?



It looks like uBlock origin uses the same syntax that we use :

If you have an example filter to test, that’s be quite helpful.



The webpage:

The filter that I use (which works just fine using Chrome+uBlock):

Here’s the screenshot of the page, I’ve highlighted the part that I want to filter, it’s a scrolling text with red background.


Probably related to this issue

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