How to best simulate Chrome's "People" feature?


Switching from Chrome, where I am two “People” — I have two browser personalities with separate bookmarks, etc. Is there a way to do this with Brave? It would be OK to have two “different applications”, say Brave0 and Brave1, instead of using a People menu within one application. And, however it’s done, I’d like to have them sync among three systems:

Current releases: Brave on Mac OS (1 system) and Windows (2 systems)


Hi @brec,
Which Brave version are you using?

If you’re using Brave release version (0.24), Brave have similar feature called Session tabs. More What is sessions tab?

In this version, Brave also have Sync feature under Preferences > Sync which can be used to syncing your browser data.

However, Brave is moving to brave-core, v1.0 that will replace the current Brave. You can try the early beta version which support for different profile like Chrome.

Note that this version may have missing features, mote bugs, etc. And this version not yet have Sync functionality.



Yes, Brave 0.24.

As I understand a session tab, it is not similar to a People (Chrome) or personality feature. A session tab presents a web site with a new user. I want to present the browser with a new (or different) user. For example, a session tab does not have its own bookmarks.

I don’t see how Sync is related to the issue. (It seems to have problems, but that’s a separate issue.)

The early beta of brave-core is too early for me. But I really like the idea of Brave, so I will wait!

Thank you.

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