How to avoid fraud flag for a mistake?

So, I feel dumb. I think I may have broken the rules, but it was just me trying to fiddle with the Rewards system and figure out how it works – certainly not an intent to defraud!

A couple days ago I tipped my own Twitter account with the few BAT I have accumulated. I then initiated a payout from to my Uphold account. That transaction is still in process, and maybe I’m learning why it’s taking a few days…

Now, I’ve learned that while it might be OK to do this with BAT I have earned from viewing ads, that I also may have received some BAT in a grant, and it’s considered fraudulent to tip myself with grant funds.

Yuck! I didn’t mean to do that. It’s just 9.5 BAT, and I would hate to earn a “fraud” label for an innocent mistake! Is there any way I can avoid it? e.g., link a bank account and buy enough BAT to compensate,and then tip other site owners with it?


Hey there! Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. If you PM me your email address tied to your Publishers account, I’ll make sure you’re whitelisted :slight_smile:


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