How to allow Google Maps to see my EXACT Location

I work ALL DAY in maps and need to route, get distance information and directions from MY LOCATION. I’ve recently switched to BRAVE and cannot figure out, if it is even possible, to allow Google Maps to see my exact location. When I’m in Chrome, no issues, I search a destination and “Your Location” is the default starting point for directions which is what I need but in Brave, it is showing me someplace close to 10 miles away???

ANY FIX for this??? Any assistance would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! What is not appreciated is anyone asking why I would do this or providing a “simple work around” or an explanation of why Brave is doing this. I know why Brave is setup this way, I know what the mission statement is for Brave but that isnn’t what I need. I need the option to allow this for me, my personal information and if it’s not possible, then I’ll just go back to Chrome or FF or seek another solution but FLAMING my post isn’t part of the request.

I sincerely hope that didn’t offend anyone and I will be sincerely appreciative of any genuine assistance than can be provided!!

Could you please specify your OS ?
Do try in a private window.
If that works, it is most likely your extensions or cookies.
Try disabing / completely removing extensions one by one to figure which ones are causing the issue.
For cookies, probably just clear all cookies for the site and start again.

Smarty…Thanks for the reply but a follow-up. Since I imported all of my settings and settings for the extensions, I’m confused how Chrome could/can/does provide my exact location and Brave doesn’t?

You asked OS, I’m on Win 10 64

I’ll give this a try but I’m not convinced it will work…I’ll be surprised but will give credit if it does.

Umm, well. But sometimes there seems to be conflicts so yea. Anyway, @Saoiray seems to be here, he’s way better equipped than me to help lol.

Yes, it is. You just have to authorize Brave to share your location. When you’re on Google Maps, hit the little lock icon on your address bar and make sure it shows you’re sharing Location.

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Lastly, make sure your OS settings are allowing Brave to access your location. Screenshot below is from Windows 11 Pro, but you should have something similar on yours.:

Is this on a Desktop? If so, location isn’t always 100% accurate as it’s trying to use your IP. This is especially true if you might be using a VPN or anything.

Sometimes you need to hit this little icon to be able to refresh location and narrow in on you a bit more. Keep in mind if you’re not using a static IP address and/or you’re using a VPN, then the accuracy will be impacted.

Also want to point out, I just checked location from Google Maps here on my Desktop and it shows my address perfectly. So it’s not that Brave just fully prevents it. It’s just about what settings we allow and our overall setup. I’ll be looking for any additional feedback you have. Hopefully one of the little things there is the difference.

Not on a VPN. My ip address is dynamic and assisgned by provider but this is NOT IMPACTING Chrome

@dsabine understood. Are you also saying location settings are enabled on Windows for Brave and also in your Site Settings within Brave for Google?

Saoiray…I’m confused with your explanation above because you direct me to settings in Windows. I don’t set specific permissions in Windows for Chrome and Chrome is not impacted by my current settings, how is Brave not bound by the same permissions I have for Windows?

@dsabine Just was going over things that have impacted people before. As to they “why” and all, I’m not even going to pretend to know.

Just like you see can see Google’s own Help explaining at

If you have enabled all those settings and you’re still having issues, I’d likely need to tag in one of the Support to try to help. One thing to keep in mind is I’m just another User. Ideally I come in to offer some basic troubleshooting and to get some additional info, essentially to “triage” an issue. Then if none of that works, I try to help get the “experts” over to assist further.

Btw, are you using Brave version 1.47.186? Also, does disabling Shields have any impact?

Saoiray…see below screen shots below. These show I have permissions set so I’m not following why Brave is showing me ~10 miles from my home.

Thanks Saoiray…I am on the latest build

@fanboynz and @SaltyBanana would either of you have any additional ideas?

Oh…and I disabled Shields as my first attempt to get this to work

Ok, so I tagged two people here for it. Fanboynz is usually web compatibility and Shields. SaltyBanana is a bit of everything. Normally I’d tag in Mattches but his status is set to sick, so I’m assuming he’s not going to be around today. No idea how long might take them to get over here, but hopefully won’t be long and they can get you better help than I. Was hoping just one of those basic things might have been missing and resolved it for you.

About only other step if you want to try it while you wait is to create a new profile in your browser and just see if that changes anything. That basically just would rule out extensions or browser settings being a conflict.

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Saoiray…I truly appreciate the effort. I may have neglected to mention that I’m a bit of a geek as well and when I reach out to forums/support for help, it’s usually because I’ve exhausted all the traditional means of a fix.

Again, much appreciated!

Saoiray…just so that nobody says I didn’t try everything, I read through what you had and saw I missed trying a new profile. Well I did that and Brave…well…when I select to allow Google access “Forever”, Brave worked. Got my address exactly but now, any help on how I get it to work with my current profile. I’m getting ready to clear cookies and try again.

I’m guessing this would be the key thing. I mean, if you have extensions, I’m not sure if any of them might also be what’s impacting. When you create new profile, it goes without extensions.

But do keep in mind idea of extensions. If using any, maybe add on the new profile that’s working and see if adding them starts causing issues again. If no issues there, then would do what you’re mentioning on clearing cookies.

In terms of what you’re clearing, not sure if just Cookies and other site data is enough or if you might have to go to the advanced tab of Clear browsing data and choose the option for Site and Shield settings.

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