How to allow ext like .PLS and .M3U to download?

The solution for now is to click a link, not opening it then right click to save the .PLS
Then looking up the file and allow Brave to ‘keep’ it.

It’s a SIMPLE music file?! Why do I have to do such a difficult action to listen to music on AIMP
I can turn off SHIELD entirely but that is not what I want either.

I really hope this extension thing gets fixed soon. Last time I had something else with this I had to clear -ALL- extensions because there isn’t a list of all the extensions you connected to open with a program.
Then I had to try and remember which ones I already connected and had to find them somehow.

Can you please provide an example site(s) where you’re attempting to download these files so that I can test on my end?

This was from / listen tab

I tried it again now and nothing happened. I don’t want to uncouple the entire extensions list from Brave. I really hope they will be making a list for every single extension you attach to an action or program.

So when trying to test this, I actually see the same behavior in all Chromium browsers. When I opened Firefox to, I was able successfully download a .M3U file.

I’ve reached out to the team to see if anyone knows what may be causing this. Appreciate your patience.

I feel quite silly, because I was initially testing this on macOS, which has it’s own issues with downloading these files. On Win10, however, I appear to be able to download the file as intended without any issue.

Can you check on your system and see if you have handlers set for the .PLS/.M3U file types? To check, type Choose default app for file types into the Windows search bar and open the resulting system app. Search for the relevant file types and tell me if any apps are assigned to them.

Hi, thank you very much for taking the time to help!

The thing is that once I tell Brave to allow the files because it blocks them from downloading, Windows 10 is opening it immediately after with AIMP.
Somehow Brave has got knowledge from that website or from both those music playlist files that it is not letting them through. I really have to click on allow to be able to open or download them. And automatically it just does nothing visually. So I have to open the link then right click on ‘save as’

It will give a red warning that it is not allowing and there is -no- way there for me to turn that warning into automatic acceptance. Everytime I listen to music I have to do this for each channel :\

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