How to add url shortcut ln iOS homescreen for youtube or any website

You can achieve this via iOS shortcuts !


  • Open the Shortcuts app
  • Tap the + on the upper right-hand corner
  • Type Open URLs in the search box at the bottom
  • Choose the Open URLs option at the top of the list
  • In the box labeled Open type Brave://open-url?url=
  • After that, enter the URL you want to open.
  • So it should look like this if you’re opening YouTube Brave://open-url?url=
  • Tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen
  • Scroll down and tap Add to Home Screen
  • Name the Shortcut and click Add on the next screen
  • Tap Done on the next screen at the top right
  • Your Shortcut will be added to your screen; tap it and make sure it opens the URL you used

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