How to add adblock-rust to my chromium browser

Hi all

Is it possible to add adblock-rust to my chromium browser?
Why I would like to do this, because I would like to do some experiment.

Is this the adblock extension, that the brave browser use?


Sure, possible. Adblock-rust is just an engine. You still have to have browser/extension hooks and a frontend.

Thanks for your response. Does it exist a tutorial, how can I do it?

No, just reading code, the rest of Brave is opensource. Maybe fork Brave and compile it? then remove/add patches/features you see fit. Can’t really help here.

My last question. Can I add Adblock-rust as an extension in to chrome browser? Can I do it in JavaScript?

You would need to have rust and its dependencys support in Chrome/Chromium at the very least. Then let extensions have the option to use those rust features. Unless you’re a coder, it won’t be easy.