How to ad BAT directly to Brave wallet… what is my address?

I’m pretty much a noob in ETH and BAT, but have wound up with some BAT in an unrelated crypto wallet. I want to transfer this to my Brave wallet, without signing up to Uphold, so basically I’m just looking for the address to send it to. It looks like I can only find an address for Ethereum.

The tutorial ‘funding your Brave Wallet’ on seems dated (2017).

What I’ve tried is: creating a Crypto Wallet on my computer, which now shows 0 ETH and 0 BAT on brave://wallet. When I click ‘details’, or ETH -> deposit > directly deposit, I can get the address with a handy QR code. But I don’t want to transfer ETH… when I click BAT, there’s only a ‘send’ button, not ‘deposit’. I can click the ellipsis and choose ‘view on Etherscan’, but seeing the amount of (0 ETH) transactions there I’m not convinced the associated address is mine.


Well AFAIK you can send ERC-20 Tokens to any ether address, just add first the token to your wallet. I know that the links i´m refering are from metamask but the interface is pretty similar as its functionality. Also, with your seed phrase you can open your wallet with any other wallet, for example, i recomend you trust wallet, there it appears the buttons to deposit, send and those stuff. In any case it only matters where you feel comfortable with.

You’ll need an Uphold account in order to manage your Rewards balance – adding funds and withdrawal @Joris

Note, that Rewards wallet brave:rewards is different than Crypto wallet brave:wallets. Article you linked above is talking about Rewards wallet.

O yes, i forgot and misunderstood

The wallet from rewards panel is virtual, the only way to take out founds is to sync uphold (for now), as for adding BAT there is no way as far as i know.

The seed phrase in any case can be use to open a cripto wallet under brave://wallet tough and store crypto and tokens.

In resume, what eljuno already said.

Thank you both for your replies.
It’s a pity the Rewards wallet has to be through Uphold. Guess I’ll transfer the BAT I have to something else, and stick to donating the old-fashioned way to sites I use!

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