How to accumulate the most brave rewards

If you’re a Creator and if you have websites you got verified with brave can you set up monthly tips to the side that’s verified with braid so I can receive tips myself from me to me.

I don’t understand what are you trying to say, would you mind editing your post to be more readable, please

Yes, please rewrite for clarity.

He just wants to earn a lot of BATs.
More than his friends (competitors)…

@Chadder819 There is no specific way to earn a lot of BATs, it depends on the country you live in. You get the most BATs in America and lesser everywhere else

If you are wanting to get BAT really fast, set the ads to 10 per hour, and refresh the sponsored images periodically.
Good luck!

that won’t do almost any difference, it can make him get the notification ads faster but won’t make him get more

Oh. I got almost no ads, and then I realized I could switch ads to 10 per hour, and when I did I saw a huge increase in ads; this may not be from switching. :thinking:

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