How secure is Uphold?

It all started with a reset of the phone. When Brave Rewards would be reconnected to Uphold, during the journey when logging in via the phone, you will receive a message that Uphold is sending a so-called verification email.

But no email arrives, tries a few extra times. Trying to log in to my account at Uphold via Brave browser on the computer. Also there get the message that a verification email has been sent, which should somehow prove that it has been sent to the right person who has that particular account. But there is no email to arriving verifying that it is me, or whatever it is supposed to verify!

Without telling you how, so without verifying from any email, I manage to get into my account. There I start an ‘Uphold Support request’ in the chat ”I need help to log-in to my account’ because I couldn’t log in from my phone”. I wrote this clearly in the message to support that it applied from my Android phone and Brave browser.

Their answer comes and of course their server that delivers the emails works and that the error is with my email provider.

Then I log in to the account again via the computer, and again without receiving any verification email even though it says so in the message that appears when logging in, and in their Uphold Agent I write the same text as I write in the reply to Uphold Support by the email, precisely to show them that I can log in via the computer without having received a verification email in which I will probably take some kind of action.

A number of back and forth conversations continue by email, where it is my fault, spam or family content filters and others junk folders!

I specifically asked how it is possible that I can log into my account without receiving the verification email. Then they replied with the following:
‘We’re sorry but due to security reasons it is not possible to log in without the email confirmation.’
And still that’s what I did!

Some more back and forth until finally I write this:
You keep saying that ‘We’re sorry but due to security reasons it is not possible to log in without the email confirmation.’
Despite this, yes, I CAN log in to my account and write in the chat!

After this I feel very insecure with Uphold so I logged in again, without receiving an email and made sure to withdraw all my holdings

How secure is Uphold?

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