How rewards work while scrapping out a device

I am currently using Brave on Mac Machine and connected these brave rewards to gemini account.
I want to understand how things will work in following scenario as this is going to happen soon at my end -
So I have to scrap this device and move onto other one. Now while scrapping brave and rest of the applications will be uninstalled during machine reset for security purpose.
If I uninstall brave from this machine, will I be able to get my existing brave reward balance from current version of brave to other new device ? I think if i understood things correctly, the ones sitting in gemini wallet can be directly be available as they are sitting in gemini and not on brave.
But for current month the balance will be paid out on next 7th and by that time this device would have been gone. SO will my rewards for this month also go away or is there any way with which i can get them to new device?

From what I understand in your scenario, if your scrapped machine is already connected to Gemini you have nothing to worry about. Rewards will be successfully sent regardless of a devices status, hence turned on, off or destroyed in cyber space. IF the device is not connected successfully with Gemini however, then those BAT will be lost forever in cyber space.

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thanks .
Makes sense then. I have no worries now :slight_smile:

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