How Permanent Disable Google Widevine

I hate this popup on all pages of aliexpress. If I click Block once I hope no questions about it on this site, but it repeats

Open this in your browser: chrome://settings/content/protectedContent

Are those sliders enabled and does it help if you disable them?

I change it but have popups again

Found an issue on GitHub about this:

I guess there will be a fix in the future. I don’t know of any workaround for now.

Hi @Ansy,

Welcome to community and thanks for your post! This is a known issue and the team is looking into it. Thanks @Medjan for referencing the above link!

I was able to block it on Netflix going thru site settings but nothing seems to work to block the Windvine notifications on Hulu.

@dhdallas, can you say which settings you changed in the Netflix site settings to block the notification? I’m trying for, but I don’t seem to have the right setting.

It ultimately didn’t block any notifications. I gave up and installed Widevine

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