How much profiles can I get paid for?

Is there anything like having multiple profiles will not get payment

Eg: I’ve windows 10 pc and installed Brave on each pc will I get paid for every pc or is there is any limit. because last time I got payment only for 4 pc.

@Mattches @Aa-ron @steeven

Four browser wallet instances is the maximum at this time.

Thank you.

@Mattches is there any process so that I can withdraw of bat from my rest 6 profile?

@Mattches And have one more question the ads we are viewing, brave get 30% of cut so you all got the cut from my rest of pc i.e 6 pcs then why are you all not paying for all the pcs to us . Kindly help me to learn more about Brave and BAT.

There is no way for you to do this at this time.

Well then why not just pay one person for 10 pcs? Or 20? How about 50? There need to be rules and guidelines in place to ensure that the system is not abused. Right now, you may have up to 4 browser wallet instances that you are earning from at one time.

@Mattches And I want to understand little more about browser if you can help me. For example I said you I have account verified in 10 pcs 1 will get payment for 4 pcs so would I will get payment like 1st 4 pic this month then next 4 pcs next month and so on? And have few more questions regarding to brave creators account…

Please do not post your personal information on the public forum. Please send the information to @steeven as requested and he will get to you as soon as he can.

You cannot have your account verified on 10 PCs. You can only have your account verified on four.