How much is the maximum number of browsers that are monetized?

Hello, I have a question, I have 6 active users within the brave browser, they are all monetized but only 5 were deposited in my uphold.
The question is: can all users be monetized or is there a limit?

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Hi @Lucas5,
You can only connect a maximum of 4 wallets to Uphold. The others will not sync the balance or deposit to Uphold.

Please answer my DM. I need your feedback. Thank you

Is it possible to remove devices I’m not using anymore?

Yes, we can disconnect a device from uphold through your (unused browser)

Even we remove and add another new device, Uphold will consider only the first 4 devices we connect to it.

So there won’t be much use of removing it.

Note: This was my personal experience actually. In future there might be possible.

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In other words, it’s not possible. Which is a ripoff.

yep, you are right :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: @gmacar

Even creating new account is currently not possible where I live. Sad.

Thanks for the info.

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