How much does it cost per ad for the popups I see?

How much does it cost to post an ad on brave? I know that buying ads is still early access and I can’t do it but I wonder how much it will cost per ad when this option becomes more generally accessible. I’m interested in only a range if this is secret info that can’t be shared.

I don’t have a support issue only curiosity.

cc @luke.mulks @chriscat on this

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thanks for asking the right people

I think we can calculate in this way; we as a ads viewer get the 70% of the payment. If you can calculate the 100%, you get the cost of per ad. Am I right?

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Oo so this is the reason partly responsible for so few ads
too much testing testing is good for health
curiosity kills

thank you I didn’t see that we get 70% but that brings a nice solution.