How much Ad interaction is required to earn rewards?

I’m able to get the Ad notifications and I don’t have any problems there, but I’m unclear from your documentation on exactly how much interaction with the advertiser is required for me to get credit. Questions below:

  1. Do I earn BAT if I receive the notification, but close the notification without interacting with it?
  2. Do I earn BAT if I receive the notification, and just leave the notification window open without interacting with it?
  3. Do I earn BAT if I click the link in the notification but only briefly view the advertisers website?
  4. Do I earn BAT if I open the advertisers website and interact with all elements on the site?
  5. Do I earn BAT if I purchase the advertised product through the brave browser?



I am interested in hearing these specifics as well.

cc @luke.mulks @chriscat on this.

Official answer:

Right now, all Brave Ads are rewarded on the basis of viewing the ad, that is just having the notification pop up. You do not have to click to be rewarded for ads. Of course, we hope you click on ads you find interesting from our partners. In the future, we will be trying out new ways of rewarding attention, including deeper engagement with brands.


what about now? a few months later :slight_smile:

Please see our Ads FAQ for answers to common questions such as this: