How many times you can promise and not fulfill. THERE ARE NO PAYOUTS.!

Official representatives of not just promise but do not perform. And they deceive their own partners, who help them promote the browser.

Since the last promise has already passed more than a month, it is clearly visible that you guaranteed me that I will receive this month the payment that I should have received a month ago. But after 2 months , there is still no payment. today is the 10th day, why are you still not fulfilling your promise?!!! Are you scammers who cheat their partners? I didn’t know the team had such a bad reputation.

Who can I contact to solve my question? I know that now I will be blocked here if I tell the truth. But no one answers my e-mail either. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET MY HONESTLY EARNED TOKENS?!!

Still processing. >> Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020

Thanks for your patience!

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how long will it take me to get back here if I don’t get paid?

because everyone is tired of your promises. I have not been able to withdraw my honestly earned tokens for 2 months. when I ask - they always promise next month, so 2 months have already passed.

Hi @CastroCryptos - payments will continue to process through today. Message me tomorrow if you have still not received. Thanks!


i too not recevied my payments i have 40 bats on my brave browser mobile and my wallet is also verified but i did not recevied payment

Yo bro you need to chill, and who tell you that this team has bad reputation? They are good they doing their best, sometimes they need time sometimes they fail because nobody’s perfect bro just chill and wait.


well, I hope that your words will be confirmed by the case.

not only do they work, but we, as partners, work hard to promote their product. we do a common job, but if this attitude to you-then you do not want to work.

Buen dia @eljuno disculpa la etiqueta… esto sera durante todo el dia?

a mi tambien me gustaria saberlo xD tocara esperar hasta mañana en tal caso


but when…when we in mars??


al parecer si… a esperar que mas…

listo me pagaron, suerte para ti tambien

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pues a mi nads pero sera seguir esperando jeje

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Helo @steeven, when do we get paid as publishers and creators?

and when is the payment due?

What if the payment period is over but we have not received the payment that should have been paid by Brave? Should we wait for the next month or what?

We as creators and publishers are very worried about this problem, because we are already using our time to bring more users to use the Brave browser by using the referral url.

please provide a clear response on this issue

Payments will continue to process through today. If you don’t receive your payment by tomorrow morning please DM me your email and I will investigate.

I have sent via direct message my email linked to my Brave account last July

Do I have to send a second time?

As @steeven, if you don’t receive your payment by tomorrow morning then send him a DM. Until then, we appreciate your patience.

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Buenas! yo tmb estoy esperando el deposito en Uphold de mis BATS, con quien hay que comunicarse para ver esto? La fecha decía 5 de Agosto, pero ya estamos a 10 y aun nada.
Espero respuesta, saludos.