How many of you didn't received your march payout

Hey guys if you also didn’t received your march payout just reply with “me also” Lets grab some attention of developers.


Can’t reply with a response that short but…

Me also

A little more specific maybe …

If ads payout: i got it
If creator payout: i didnt

this may end up being a (my scroll wheel is now broken) long list

publishers payout & brave rewards payout.

i didn’t received any payout to uphold this month

no payouts to linked uphold in 4 months

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Yeah, received only a portion of my March creator earnings and didn’t receive any February. Ad earnings work fine.

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I did not receive my March creator payout.

i also didn’t received it

I have a verified Uphold wallet linked and have not seen any payouts since first using Brave in late January 2021. Funny that my Brave reward settings says that my next payout is going to be on May 5. What happened to April?

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Me also didn’t get March or February

I have no option to claim the reward for February and March. The next payment is in May.

Me too. I opened a lot of topics, I sent dm. and no result

monday is the last date. if i dont get my token, i’ll leave brave.

Yes me also, my BATS were discounted but no transfered to uphold.

Hi all, if you didn’t receive a Contributions payout this month, please DM me your email linked to your account. If you’re referring to referrals, please note that the referral program has ended and the final payout was made in February for downloads that confirmed in January.