How many different computers, tablets or smartphones can I have connected to my own Brave Verified Wallet

How many different computers, tablets, or smartphones can I have connected to my own Verified Wallet? Had some trouble linking all my devices (4) to my verified wallet.

PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone.


4 at any given time. If you delete brave or format your device or get a new device, one device will have to be unlinked in order to connect a new device.

Currently still 4 as mentioned. We’ve been waiting for them to eliminate the limit which should be happening soon. Once this is done, you can link as many as you please. You can track the status of this officially at or you can unofficially see the status on my Topic that I’m trying to keep up-to-date with the official responses, which you can see at Notice to all: device limit updates! Please read if having issues - #6 by miho171

Latest official update we have is:

Hi all, just wanted to give an update. We had a meeting yesterday to get linking limits removal over the finish line, and work continues. In any case, our plan is to hold on the release of linking limit removal till after the ad earnings payout at the beginning of May 2022 (which will take us past the end of April), as we really, really want the upcoming May payout to go smoothly, and we do not want to confound any possible payout issues in early May with additional variables. (We are still fighting issues from the April 2022 payout, which was quite hard on everyone.) You can get some more context here:

That said, as promised, I’ve been helping dozens of users with their linking limits and helping unlink old devices for users who reached out via email using the instructions above in the meantime. I will continue to do this until linking limits are removed.

Thanks everyone for your understanding. Can’t wait to get linking limits removed.

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Hey thanks for the reply! Cant wait for more! :slight_smile:

THanks for the reply!

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