How many different Brave browsers can be linked to a Gemini account?

If you have Brave on 5 devices, can they be linked to Gemini? What is the limit of devices or browsers that can be linked to a single Gemini account?


It’s currently 4, just like in the Uphold case. The linking limit for Gemini is separate from Uphold, so you have 4 with Uphold, 4 with Gemini :slight_smile:


One day it will be possible to link to Brave the ERC20 wallet that we want to get the tokens without depending on companies such as Uphold or Gemini? Do you know something?

Are the device limits lifetime limits just like in Uphold? Can we remove older accounts such as a reformatted PC that is clearly not being used anymore?

I don’t think you can do that. I have linked accounts in uphold that I lost and do not use and now I cannot link new devices or accounts.

They should stop being able to link ERC-20 wallets, but I suppose that by legislation there have to be companies that ask for KYC for the tax issue of the countries and control capital.

But at least you should be able to delete Brave devices or accounts from Gemini or Uphold.

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