How many devices can sync in 1 verified account?

Can I sync more than 1 devices on my uphold account? I have 2 laptops and 1 android phone but only have 1 uphold account and I am planning to install brave browser in all of those devices but scared to get ban or something :rofl:

Of course you can. Upto 4 Devices/Brave Wallets can be connected to one Uphold account.

Note :- Publisher’s account count too.


@ShineWhine basically I can X4 my earnings?

Well yeah! You can say that.


Yeah, sounds nice. But… I have synced two PCs with one account and since months I only get the rewards from one of them transferred to Uphold. The BATs from the other PC has been lost for many month now. Sometimes one PCs BATs were transferred, sometimes the other. I have not yet been able to discover any systematics.