How many browsers can i have my wallet verified with?

I have searched for this answer for a while now.
I have my work computer, with two users. (work, and personal) both with the brave rewards verified with my wallet.
Then i have my cell phone verified,
Then i also have my home PC with the same 2 users (work and personal) with the rewards verified.

is there any limit to how many browsers i have running? Is there going to be any issues with me verifying my wallet to all of these?

And yes, i do use all of these browsers daily.

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Hi @Punchy, Welcome to Community!
You can only link a max of 4 browser wallets to your Uphold account. So it sounds like you have 5, to confirm is your phone an android?

Hi Aa-ron!
Yeah there would be 5. It does say that my 4 PC ones are verified. and yeah it doesnt seem to give me the option to verify my mobile one…
It is an android.
Can i un-verify? Because i will be leaving my job here soon and wont have access to 2 of them.

What happens if i try to verify more then 4?

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Following. Curious about this as well as I have had months of trouble syncing mobile wallet with Uphold. (Though no issues earlier, before I did a reboot of phone).

Is there a way to disconnect browsers that are no longer in use?

On Android, you need 25 BAT before you can verify that wallet. So if you have not verified it that means you’ve only hit 4.
Unfortunately, the 4 slots are not interchangeable, meaning once you use one, it’s taken.
We understand that this can be inconvenient to some users, are we’re working on it.

Ok, I will wait until i get 25 BAT on mobile and see what happens.
But, since i have 4 browsers that are connected to my uphold wallet now, i will not be able to verify my phone?
What kind of error will i get? I guess i will just wait and find out.

Hi @Punchy,
Even if you get 25 BAT, the balance will not sync with Uphold. I would recommend not to try and connect a 5th wallet.

So what can i do with the BAT that i have accumulated on my phone?
I can still donate to verified creators?

Another question:
What is going to happen if was to verify another wallet?

Yes you can :point_up_2:, please do.

It won’t connect.

@Aa-ron Is there a fix for someone who has already tried to connect a 5th wallet?

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