How many browser can i link uphold?

how many browser can i link uphold 3 or 4 ? thank you.

It was 3, it’s now 4 since you can now verify your Android wallet.
Please note, at the moment it’s not possible to de-link wallets from your Uphold account.

can i link fourth pc browser ? or need android wallet

Any wallet on any device

Sorry, i have 5 PC with the same Uphold Acount. Is this not possible? I need another Uphold account? In my Android i cannot verify the wallet until to get 25BAT…

You’ll only be paid – to your Uphold account – for the first 4 wallets connected to Uphold.


Thanks for your answer

if I have 4 devices connected, I will buy a new one instead of the old one. Will its connection count as 5? How does it work when buying a new one?

Yes @huck.

Like Aaron mentioned above :point_up: currently there’s no way to remove the connection. So your Uphold will always connected to the first 4 browser wallets.

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