How many brave wallets can be connected to the one uphold account?

I want to know how many brave wallets can be connected to the one uphold account.

Also does it require different uphold accounts for different platforms? I mean Is it ok if i connect PC brave wallet and mobile brave wallet to the one uphold account?

Why 25 BAT is required to connect uphold with mobile brave browser? Is it a payment? I mean it will cost me 25 bat to just verify wallet?? If so then why verifying is free on PC?!

I’m a bit confused! :no_mouth:

There is a 4 devices limit to be linked to UPHOLD and there is no way (for now) to delete them from that list. So, if you change frequently from PC or something, well select carefully your devices.

You can verify new BROWSER only after you got 25 BATs in the wallet for security reasons, it is not the charge you pay for Uphold verification (That limit is was added recently as far as I know)


Oh thank you so much for clarifying my doubts.

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You’re most welcome! @Riana


If I delete my uphold account and then connect is this possible

Yes, I think you can sync your BRAVE rewards with NEW uphold account if you have reached the limit.